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  December 2017  
Director of Ministries: Suzi Olberding

What is ALPHA?  

The ALPHA course is a 7 week opportunity to learn more about our Christian faith.

It runs on Thursday evenings from January 14th until February 18th and then concludes with a day retreat on February 27th.  

Participants enjoy an evening meal, a DVD presentation about a relavent topic and a small group discussion at each session. 

The evening sessions start at 6:00 PM with the free meal.    Pre-registration is encouraged and childcare is provided upon notifying the church that it is needed.   There is a place on the website registration form to list the children needing childcare.

ALPHA is for?...

...Anyone interested in finding out more about Christian faith.  Perhaps you are a newcomer to church or are wanting to investigate Christianity.   Maybe you are a couple preparing for marriage or a Christian wanting to brush up on the basics or have doubts, questions.

We will share learning and laughter.   We will discover that it is possible to learn about our faith and have fun at the same time.  

It will be people meeting together and having the opportunity to get to know others and make new friends.   In the small group experiences, we will discuss issues together and raise some interesting points on which to reflect.   We will be helping one another.

Ask anything!   ALPHA is a place where no question or view point is too simple or beyond a time to explore.  It will be a relaxed setting with a non-threatening tone.

There is no charge to attend ALPHA.   Nothing to lose and a lot to gain!

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