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“Therefore by Him let us continually offer there sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name.”

                  (Hebrews 13:5)


Thoughts from Pastor Dennis Bailey



        Vance Havner shares in Christianity Today “Our biggest problem in the church is this vast majority of Sunday morning Christians who claim to have known the Master’s cure and who return not (at other times) to thank Him by presence, prayer, testimony, and support of His church.  In fact the whole Christian life is one big “Thank You”, the living expression of our gratitude for God’s goodness.”

         Praise and thankfulness are not only a wonderful aspect of our walk with Christ but actually expects it; not because He needs it so much as what it can do for us in our relationship to Him.  It “builds” our faith.  It is an enemy of Fear.  It encourages us to believe and to rely on the promises of God.

        There is a legend of a man  who found the barn where Satan kept his seeds  ready to be sown in the human heart, and on finding the seeds of discouragement more numerous than others, he learned that those seeds could be made to grow almost anywhere.  When Satan was questioned, he reluctantly admitted that there was one place in which he could never get them to thrive.  “And where is that?” asked the man.  Satan replied sadly, “In the heart of a grateful man.”

     Taking the time to thank and praise God during your day is so important to your own spiritual health.  Make it a priority to thank God with your lips, with your heart, and in your actions!


God’s Peace be with you




February 4   (James 5:7-11)  Isaiah 40:28-31  “Give Me Patience, Lord, and Please Hurry”

The Bible is filled with passages about the virtue of a patient heart. We are called to “wait” upon the Lord. We must be patient in our circumstance as it will strengthen our trust and faith in God. Patience also becomes important in our relationship to others and how we live with ourselves.         


February 11        (Psalm 96:1-6)     Mark 9:2-9         “In The Presence of the Holy”  

 Each year we celebrate the Transfiguration of Jesus. This weekend we will be looking at how the Glory of God was shown in the transfiguration to witness to the Disciples that Jesus was Holy. What does it mean to worship a God who is holy. We are called to “practice the Presence of God.”


****ASH WEDNESDAY  6:30 pm   -  February 14   -    Joel 2:12-13       “Return to the Lord”

The prophet Joel sounds the words that God is calling each of us to “return” to God. Are there areas of our lives where, in this Lenten season, we might look at returning to the Lord? Lent is a time of self examination and a time of fasting and prayer.


February 18   (2 Chronicles 7:12-14)    (Mark 1:35-39   “The Importance of the Practice of Prayer”

Throughout the Gospels we hear that Jesus had a habit of going to a quiet place and pray. Often when the disciples tried to find him he would be found in prayer. Jesus modeled the importance of prayer in our life.


February 25    (Rev. 3:14-22)  Mark 8:34   “The Dangers of Being a Casual Christian” COMMUNION

Jesus warns against being a “lukewarm” Christian. We are called to take our cross and to follow Jesus even when it is not popular. The Christian walk is one of sacrifice. How casual is your faith?