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The first churches I served were located in rural Indiana. One was in a very small town that had no businesses and only one stop sign. It was kind of the black sheep of the towns in the county. I was relatively new to the area and I was meeting many new people. I asked one person, "So you are from Windsor?" His response was, "Yah, everyone has to be from somewhere."

"Everyone has to come from somewhere." He was right. We all come from somewhere, but sometimes we forget how much we are influenced by our roots. I'm glad that as a church we come from a long history of faithful servants. I am grateful for all that has made you, YOU. I am grateful that as a pastor I come from communities like Windsor Indiana that shaped me and taught me how to love God's people.

"Everyone has to come from somewhere!" This month we will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of Methodist ministry in Carroll. We have a long and distinguished history that gives us roots for who we are as a congregation today. There have been thousands of lives changed, people baptized, marriages performed, funerals held, dinners served, sermons preached, prayers answered and tears shed. Every one of those adds just a little bit to who we are. WE may not know their names, but each of those people and events has shaped who we are as a community of faith; I Hope you will be here to celebrate our wonderful heritage on November 4.

"Everyone has to come from somewhere." is also true for each of us individually. We come from a family, a community, a school, a church (either in another community or this church) and each of those things makes us who we are. More, deeply, however, I am grateful that each and every one of us comes from a foundation laid by Jesus Christ himself. "For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ." 1 Cor. 3:11 As we celebrate our church's anniversary, let us also celebrate our sure foundation, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.






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