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   July 2019   
Committees and Teams
Chairpersons: First United Methodist Church of Carroll IA

 Administrative Council & Committee Descriptons

Meet as scheduled. Contact is made by postcard and email with meeting information.
Questions may be e-mailed to:




Descriptions of primary roles...


Administrative Council:
  • To plan and implement the broad vision and goals for the church.
  • To oversee the committees/teams and work to implement their goals.
  • To nurture, outreach, an witness ministry and their responsibilities
Auditing Committee:
  • To confirm that assets are being properly used, protect, and in compliance with the law, and church policies and procedures, as well the Book of Discipline.
Education Commission:
  • To plan, coordinate, and organize the curriculum and educational needs
  • To provide learning experiences for children so that they may develop a foundation for experiences of God's love and the gospel of Christ that they may become true disciples of Jesus Christ.
Finance Committee:
  • To develop and prepare an annual budget,
  • To lead the congregation in funding the budget
  • To oversee the disbursement of funds so the mission and ministry of the congregation are supported and strengthened
  • To educate the congregation members regarding stewardship and encourage members to become faithful givers.

             For direct deposit tithing please contact the
             church office to get a copy of the electronic 
             pledge form.

Memorial Committee:
  • To oversee the development, administration, and spending of interest income
  • To accept and acknowledge memorial gifts
  • To fulfill the requests of families and disburse designated memorial gifts
  • To maintain ongoing list of needs to apply designated memorial gifts
  • To educate and encourage planned gifts to the Memorial Fund


Missions Committee:
  • To involve the congregation in spreading the gospel, through witness and service throughout the world
  • To provide information to the congregation, coordination and implementation of the Mission Programs
  • To promote a variety of international, national, state, and local programs

Nominations/Leadership Development:

  • To recruit, train, and utilize professional and lay staff to meet the needs of the lay ministry
  • To identify the diverse ministry tasks of the congregation and the skills needed for leadership

Staff Parish Relationship Committee (SPRC):

  • To support the pastoral staff and ministry team
  • To support the programs and ministry of the congregation with full and part-time staff members and pastor(s)
  • To ensure a safe and positive work environment for the staff
Challenge Fund:
  • To assist with Stewardship Campaign
  • To increase or maintain the annual pledging to the ministries of the church
  • To allow undesignated gifts to be used as the church has need
Trust Foundation:
  • To receive and administer all gifts-in-kind or gifts of property made to the congregation
  • To make certain that all Trust Funds of the congregation are invested properly
  • To oversee the development, administration, and spending of interest income
  • To supervise and maintain all property belonging to the congregation
  • To provide accessibility to church property for individual wishing to participate in the ministries of the church
  • To seek to have a facility that is recognized with regard to quality, appearance, and functionality

Worship & Evangelism (WEteam):

  • To work with the pastors to ensure worship opportunities are spiritual, personal, and engaging
  • To provide a variety of worship formats and times to respond to spiritual needs of all ages and types of worshipers in the church's care
  • To organize/work with Communion Stewards to provide elements for communion and servers
  • To assist and enable congregational members to develop an ongoing relationship with God and live as Christian disciples