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   July 2019   
Sunday Classes
Director of Christian Ministries: Suzi Olberding, ext. 203

Sunday Morning Classes

9:15 AM - 10:15 AM*     (September-April)






 (Birth to those leaving kindergarten)






The nursery is available on Main St. level of our church, during Sunday Worship (year around) and Sunday classes (by appointment) with approved personel.  We ask that parents please provide a cell number for the nursery staff if they should need to page you during worship. 

For older children there are Activity Bags available on the hall tree in the overflow area of the Sanctuary.   These bags contain white boards, children's bulletins and books to keep little ones busy during their time at worship.  

Parents may also take their little ones to our Cry Room (3rd floor balcony), which includes a small play area, overlooking the service.

The church nursery will be made available for special worship services.  Please call Suzi at 792-1122, if a UMC sponsored event is needing the nursery to be staffed.





 Children's Sunday School   

(Age Three to Fifth grade)


EDGE offers weekly Sunday classes for children ages 3 up to fifth graders from mid-September to April.   Lesson are age appropriate with the youngest children in their own learning group and the Kindergarten-Fifth graders in groups of two grades (i.e. Second & Third).  

Children's classes offer rotation lessons that vary week to week.  Your child will experience different learning styles on each topic.  Most rotations, averaging four weeks, include Biblical topics such as Noah's Ark or Parables.

Learning rotations include: Art, Drama, Discovery/Science, Games, and Movie/News.  One week your child may be learning through drama, and the next through science or music.  

Each week they will travel to a different room with their familiar teachers aiding them on their Bible journey.  We encourage parents to volunteer in the classroom, but we also offer adult lessons during the Sunday School hour.  Your child's safety is important to us, and staff back-ground checks are done by an IA UMC approved agency.



Sunday School is such an important part of your child's walk in faith.  
We hope you make Sunday School a priority.

The pre-school and the Cafe (6-7-8) will have new curriculums that are video based.   It will be fun to the students and will provide easy to learn
visual information.

Many class lesson plans are now built around videos, as this generation are visual learners.  

It is Suzi's dream to have flat screen smart TV's in every classroom to keep up with this trend.


Check out page 5 & 6 of the parent newsletter for information on the Sunday School rotation.





details here


10 Reasons to Attend S.S.





JR & SR High Youth   

(Sixth grade to Twelfth grade)


Teens aid in leading the topics with their leaders.  And we offer breakfast to aid them in digesting Christ's word as they fellowship with friends.  Topics come from sources such as local and world news; low-key topics such as favorite movies/books; and Christian resources to journal one's daily walk.


We encourage our youth to have a friendship with their youth leaders who care about your young adult's faith journey.  All adults have been approved to teach after we have done a background check.  Our Junior High class meets in the Christian Café (room 105) and our Senior High students meet in the Venue (room 104) across the hall.  Breakfast is a shared time.   All these classrooms are located on the Main St. level of our church building.





Adult Classes**

(Adults of all ages) 


Adult classes are weekly discussions on Biblical topics.  Come each week and learn a new message.  Our leaders are active church members who want to assist you with learning and to hear your questions and opinions.   Open to singles or couples of any age.






Jesus Followers

Join Duke Anneburg  and the "Jesus Followers" in our Confirmation Room located on the second level just off the elevator landing.  Come and be a part of the

learning and sharing.  









*All events are canceled if there is inclement weather or a Church holiday

**Please contact Suzi Olberding if you need nursery care during the Sunday School hour.


Children and their safety are important to Carroll First United Methodist.  Read more about our Safe Sanctuary policies on Children, Youth, and Adult by visiting Safe Sanctuary located under Building Use Policies.