Building use

Building Rental Use Policies

Policy for use of First United Methodist Church of Carroll

1621 N. Main St.

Carroll IA 51401

Our Church encourages its members and friends to make full use of our church facilities: meeting rooms, fellowship hall and kitchen.  Listed below are policies and fees for the use of the church facilities. Since our church is a nonprofit entity, charges are not intended to provide income to the church but are structured to cover the cost of utilities, equipment use, custodial set-up and take down/cleaning/and maintenance for our facility.  Some activities deemed normal use will not be charged for custodial care.

The name, address, and telephone contact of the responsible party for the group must be left with the administrative secretary along with a deposit check when the event is booked.

Wednesdays are reserved for our church functions only.  In all cases, use of any space or room must first be confirmed with the administrative secretary at 712.792.1122. 


 Absolutely no church property may be borrowed from the church except for old tables.  Call the administrative secretary at 712.792.1122 for reserving these items. (Number of tables and chairs and the date) A table/chair borrowing waiver form must be filled out prior to borrowing the items.

When renting a room, please discuss with the administrative secretary which room is needed. A room damage waiver form needs to be completed prior to using the room.

All groups using any room are expected to clean up afterwards, and leave the furniture as they found it, unless directed otherwise, and turn off the lights. Sunday school supplies are not to be used.  We reserve the right to charge extra for damages and extra cleanup. This fee is $25 per hour. Groups who misuse the facilities will have their privileges revoked.



A refundable fee of $100 will be required from each group using the church, plus fees listed below.  This will be paid to the administrative secretary before the event can be booked. Deposit is refundable barring any damage to the church or its grounds. Exception to this rental deposit/room fees are church ministry groups, committees, connectional groups of greater United Methodist Church or ecumenical ministries within the Carroll area. There is no fee for UMW, or funeral of any church member.

Fees for Fellowship Hall, Kitchen, Conference Room

  1. Fellowship Hall - $30 for four hours
  2. Kitchen - $35 for four hours
  3. Sunday school room no charge
  4. Conference room no charge
  5. Custodial Fee - $30 per hour (set-up and clean-up)


Girl Scouts program is a mission of the United Methodist Church and therefore will not be charged for the use of the church.  However, the administrative assistant must receive a contract from the Girl Scouts. This will include a contact name, address and phone number of the responsible leader for each group.  This signed contract shall be turned in prior to the first meeting.



There will be no fees for the use of the sanctuary.  All other fees will be determined by the funeral director and/or the pastor. Generally the Funeral Director, after communicating with the family, will contact the UMW Funeral Chairperson with funeral time, date, location, and food requested, along with the number to prepare for.  Groceries are to be paid for by the family: sandwiches; chips; coffee/tea.  The United Methodist Women will share a listing of workers and food donors.  Any catered meal charges are to be paid by family to the funeral director.

Luncheon Menu: Sandwiches, chips, jello OR bowl salads, and cakes/bars OR desserts, coffee and/or tea.  Sandwiches may be cold cuts and cheese (turkey, ham, beef, egg salad or chicken salad.)

Catered Meal – to be arranged by funeral director for the family.


Special Events

Graduation, anniversary, or any other special events held by members of the church or non-members see section on Fees.

Building Rules

  1. Groups are asked to respect the room assignments and confine their use to the room contracted for.
  2. NO SMOKING inside the church facilities
  3. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are permitted inside or outside the church property.
  4. Supplies in Sunday school rooms are not for group use.
  5. Leave the space as you found it, or better.  Remember to leave the furniture as you found it, unless directed otherwise.  Turn off lights.
  6. Supervision of CHILDREN in mandatory.  Children must not be left alone in any church space.  A minimum of TWO ADULTS for every 8 CHILDREN is encouraged.  Please read: Safe Sanctuary Policies.
  7. Church phone line is reserved for church use only.  Please use your cell phones for personal/business use.
  8. Any heavy duty cleanup work (e.g. paint brushes) must be done in utility sink in furnace room, NOT THE KITCHEN.


Pastor and a member of the Board of Trustees will have final say over what groups/persons use our church and when.  If an emergency situation arises and the church must move an existing group to make way for another, Pastor or trustee will be responsible to contact the group leader and let them know of the changes as quickly as possible.

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