God's FFA

God’s FFA (Garden Project)

All 10 plots have been planted. Thanks to Clay, Mike Davis, Greg Nesse, and Loren Siebrect, the bamboo trellises for the gourds have been wired together and set in place.

Thanks to Jeff Honold, Mike/Nancy Davis, Sharon Heide, and Larry/Sue Becker for the grass clippings, and to the Bush family, Davis, and Beckers. for helping spread it out on several gardens.

Clay has four large bags for grass clippings. Just contact him if you need containers for donating your grass clippings.

If you would like to visit the gardens, just look for the red stakes next to the plot number stakes. Plots #16, 22, 23, and 24 are along the gravel drive. Plots #32, 33, and 34 are on the west side of the vehicle made dirt drive which can get muddy after a rain. Plots #79, 80, and 81 are in the far northwest corner of gardens just east of the FFA field.