Monthly Mission

OCTOBER MISSION & OUTREACH PROJECTS: This month we will be working on 2 local mission projects.

FOSTER CHILDREN BACKPACKS: Children often have to leave their homes with nothing, these backpacks help them have something to call their own and are also a comfort to the children as they leave everything behind.


* Backpacks: full size, gender neutral

* New, soft blankets (throw size, twin) gender neutral                                     

* Fidget toys

* Play dough

* Puzzles (all ages)

* Soft snuggly toys (small stuffed animals)

* Coloring books

* Crayons

* Watercolor books (just add water)

* Stress balls


MIDDLE SCHOOL HYGIENE KITS: To help promote healthy habits in the Middle School, these kits help students get access to the hygiene items they need to feel good about themselves and develop healthy habits.


* Shampoo

* Conditioners

* Body wash: boy and girl

* Face wipes

* Deodorant: boy and girl

* Toothbrushes

* Toothpaste

* Flossers

* Lotions

* Body Sprays: boy and girl

* Feminine Hygiene products: tampons and pads-teen size

* Bar soar

* Dry shampoo

* Body wipes




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