Monthly Mission

Midwest Mission Donations

Thank you, Barb Wright, for donating six children’s bicycles to Midwest Mission in Jefferson. Steve and Marsha Nuckels delivered the bicycles. There is a need for more bicycle donations, especially adult bicycles in working condition.

Midwest Mission also has a great need for used medical equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs, knee scooters, canes, etc. Questions? Talk to a member of the mission committee. Donated items will be brought to the Midwest Mission Donation Center in Jefferson.

Midwest Mission is also looking for individuals to help with loading the medical equipment into trucks for transport. Contact the church office if you are interested on being on the call list. Office number 792-1122.


Ingathering: Feminine Hygiene Kits

The sewing group is stitching some of the items needed for the feminine hygiene kits. The items that need to be purchased for each kit are:

Hand towel and washcloth set

Girls underwear size 10,12, or 14

3-4 oz bar of soap

There is a donation basket near Sherri’s desk. If you prefer to give a monetary donation, please note that the donation is for the feminine hygiene kits.

Sewing Group

The sewing group is currently sewing the one-handles bags, drawstring bags, waterproof bags, and day/night pads for the feminine hygiene kits. For items that need to be purchased to complete the kits, see the article about Ingathering Kits. The sewing group will meet on Tuesday, June 18, from 9-11 am in the mission room on the second floor of the church.