Soup & Cookie Ministries

Soup ministry-provides soup for those recovering from grief, illness, or recovery from injury or surgery. If you would like soup or know of someone who could be blessed by this ministry contact the church office at 712-792-1122.

Cookie ministry-one to two times a year we put together treat plates for our shut-ins. Watch for announcements about how to help with this ministry.

Soup Ministry: Our Worship and Evangelism team make up chicken soup and deliver it to those who are ill, in the hospital or have lost a loved one. If you know of someone who would benefit from this ministry, please let the church office know.

Cookie Ministry: Once or twice a year we put together cookie and goodie plates for our local shut-ins. If you would like to contribute toward this ministry by making cookies or providing treats watch the Messenger for, drop off dates and times. You can also contact the office.