Our mission is to “CONNECT PEOPLE TO GOD.” 

You are a unique child of God. We know that every person will grow at their own speed, and in their own special way. Someone may, for instance, be GROWING in their worship practice (connect up), STARTING to serve others (connect out), while they are WONDERING about how to get more out of the Bible (connect deeper).  We want to be the place that helps you do these things (connect in).Wherever you are in your faith connections we want to meet you there and help you take one step closer to Jesus. This brochure is a starting place to help you picture where you are, so you can pick one (or maybe two) next steps in your journey to intimacy with God. You can do that by finding the spiritual practices with which you are comfortable in any given area then reading just a little further down the list. The next items on the list will give you ideas of the kinds of activities that might stretch your faith just a little. This is only a general outline of our ministries. Consult the newsletter, the bulletin, Facebook or talk to a staff person, teacher, or trusted friend to discover more options. 

God bless you on your path to faithfulness.