I'm New

What is worship like?

We offer both Livestream and in person worship Sundays at 10 am. Worship consists of hymns (traditional and contemporary), scripture readings, special music, a message and other elements.

How should I dress?

Our worship is casual and comfortable. Some dress up and other dress casual, whichever suits you.

Where do I park and is your building handicap accessible?

We offer parking on Main Street at the front of our church in our two parking areas. Inside these doors is an elevator that will take you upstairs to our sanctuary. We also offer some off street parking on Adams Street. Those doors lead right into our sanctuary.

Our building is handicap accessible on all levels with automatic doors, and elevator that goes between levels and large easy access bathrooms.

Where is the nursery?

We have a nursery on our first floor. If you enter on Main Street and go down the hallway toward Fellowship Hall the nursery is to your left. If you enter upstairs by the sanctuary, you will need to come downstairs for the nursery. We also offer a Cry Room off the sanctuary, if you need to leave worship. If you have any questions, please ask the greeters or ushers.

Is there communion and can I participate?

Here at Carroll FUMC, we have communion once a month, usually on the fourth Sunday of the month. United Methodist have an "open table" approach to communion. All persons are invited to participate.

Is there an offering? Where does it go? Is it tax deductible?

We collect an offering each week, there is no obligation to give. If you feel lead to give, great- if not just drop your "Connection Card" paper in the offering plate as it is passed. Our offering goes for many purposes. Most of the money goes toward our budget for the running of our ministry (salaries, upkeep on the building and grounds and utilities, education materials, etc.). We also allow individuals to designate their offerings by writing on the offering envelopes where they want their offering to go (missions, education supplies, Pastor's fund, etc.). You can also give online on our website, carrollunitedmethodist.com. All cash donation are tax deductible. If you would like a giving statement, make sure to fill out your information on the offering envelope.

Do I need to sign up ahead of time for Sunday morning classes?

No you do not. You and your family are welcome to join us at anytime.