Older Sermons

01.20.2019 "Feeding His People"

01.27.2019 "Are You On Fire?"

12.30.2018 "Voices from the Sidlines: Herod the Great"

12.24.2018 "The Christmas Story with a Visit from Matthew"

12.23.2018 "Voices From the Sidelines: Mary's Father"

12.16.2018 Cantata "Sing Joy to All the World" by Lloyd Larson

12.09.2018 "Voices from the Sidelines: Zephaniah"

12.02.2018 "The Giving Manger"

11.25.2018 "The Saints Who Call Us to a Better Tomorrow"

11.18.2018 "The Saint Who Get Us Through the Day"

11.11.2018 "The Saints Who Made You Who You Are"

11.04.2018 "A 150 Year Perspective"

10.28.2018 "I Want to Pray...but: Prayer Can be a Dangerous Thing"

10.21.2018 "I Want to Pray...but: I Have So Many Excuses"

10.14.2018 "I Want to Pray...but: I'm Not Good Enough"

10.07.2018 "I Want to Pray...but: God Isn't Interested in My Little Problems"

09.30.2018 "I Want to Pray...but: Nothing Happens"

09.23.2018 "I Want To Pray....but Isn't That Just Like Talking To Myself?"

09.16.2018 "I Want To Pray...but: I Don't Know How"

09.09.2018 "Living Heart Healthy"

09.02.2018 "Mirror, Mirror On The Wall; Do I Look Like Christ At All?

08.26.2018 "KNOWN BY OUR FRUIT: Self Control"

08.19.2018 "Down to Earth"

08.12.2018 "KNOWN BY OUR FRUIT: Faithfulness"

08.05.2018 "KNOWN BY OUR FRUIT:Generosity"

07.29.2018 "KNOWN BY OUR FRUIT: Kindness"

7.22.2018 "Known by Our Fruit: Patience"

07.15.2018 "KNOWN BY OUR FRUIT:Peace"

06.24.2018 "Introduction of New Pastor"

06.17.2018 "What We Have Learned Together"

06.10.2018 "Coming and Going"

06.03.2018 "Growing in Jesus"

05.27.2018 "Claiming Miracles"

05.20.2018 "Power From On High"

05.13.2018 "The Sacrifice of Love"

05.06.2018 "Being Sent Into the World"

04.29.2018 "The True Vine"

04.22.2018 "The Good Shepherd

04.08.2018 "Seeing is NOT Believing"

04.01.2018 "God Wins"

03.25.2018 "The Triumphal Entry"

03.18.2018 "I Am the Bread of Life"

03.11.2018 "The Focus of Faith"

03.04.2018 "God Loves You, He's a Good Egg"

02.25.2018 "The Dangers of Being a Casual Christian"

02.18.2018 "The Importance of Prayer"


02.04.2018 "Give Me Patience, Lord, and Please Hurry"

01.28.2018 "Jesus Has Power Over Evil"

01.14.2018 "Living as Children of God"

01.21.2018 "Living as a Follower of Christ"

01.07.2018 "Living By Grace in the New Year"