Outreach Committee

*The Kindness Project: Sharing Kindness with friends

The outreach committee’s Kindness Project is up and running. Please continue to hang cards for things you are willing to help someone with AND things you could use some extra help with!

Look for the Blessing Board in the Main Street entryway or the sanctuary.

· Offer some kindness to add to the board.

· If you need something and you don’t find it listed on the board, put up a request. (It may be that no one has thought of offering that yet).

· These are ways to bless one another, and no one is expected to pay. It is appropriate to agree ahead of time to reimburse for expenses incurred. You can also make a donation to the church as a sign of gratitude. Summer Parrott is the outreach coordinator if you want more information.

Outreach Committee

We are collecting gas cards (in any amount and any location) to be donated to patients at the St. Anthony Cancer Center. This will be an ongoing project. Please drop them off at the front desk or they can be placed in the offering plate on Sunday morning.